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What is Super 8?

Super 8 film is a vintage motion picture (video) format from the 1960’s. The motion picture is recorded on a long film roll – a mini version of the type of film rolls you’d see at an old movie theatre. The film roll is developed and then processed into a digital video that you can view. It is a timeless and unique format.

What does Super 8 coverage look like on wedding day?

Super 8 allows you to re-live your day and share all those intimate memories with friends and family for years to come as a nostalgic digitalized film video. It adds an additional candid perspective to your day in a vintage format that you can feel all the fun and emotions in. During your day, there will be moments from details, guest interactions, and other key events that are shot as small 3-10 second clips on the film roll and then compiled all together to create a larger video. You will hear the film roll in the camera as it captures each moment in the background. The small Super 8 camera creates an environment that allows couples and guests to feel in the moment. It can compliment traditional 4K digital videography or be a stand alone option depending on your personal preferences.

Some differences between 4K Digital Videography and Super 8:

4K or High Resolution Digital VideoSuper 8
High quality video in a modernized format.Film scans are grainy, have a nostalgic look. The processed film is digitalized so you can watch on a modern format.
Wedding videography will often include audio, recordings of vows and speeches from multiple camera angles.Super 8 film is often recorded with no audio or minimal audio and are smaller snippets of select moments, sometimes filmed with multiple cameras.
Multiple digital cameras, tripods, and mic/audio accessories, one or two videographers. Often a larger production.Smaller production, 1-2 Super 8 cameras, handheld by your filmmaker, one or two people filming.
Recorded onto SD Cards, results can be seen in real time on camera, and backed up for safe-keeping.Shot onto film, must be developed and processed to see results. Film is digitalized, then the film itself is re-rolled and kept in storage.

What should we expect our Super 8 film to look like?

Each Super 8 video is completely unique in the sense that every moment recorded is exactly as it happened. The film is nostalgic to view – taking you back to watching old home videos. Your video will be highlights throughout your day, some moments that may have went unnoticed, and details that make up your day. What makes every video so special is the imperfections, candid moments, and realistic outlook on your day. Depending on your package, your video may vary in length and may or may not include your vows on audio or a 4K digital hybrid. Your film will be edited to tell a cinematic story, with licensed music added to your film.

Highlights Film:

Hybrid Video with 4K Digital and Super 8:

What should we look for when hiring a wedding videographer that captures Super 8?

There has been a big resurgence in Super 8 films! It’s so great to see couple’s and filmmakers taking interest in it because of it’s unique look. With Super 8 being an older medium – there are some inherent risks that come with the process and the film. I would encourage couples to chat with their videographer regarding their personal experience with the medium, how they work to keep your film safe, and their approach to capturing your day. Finding someone who is well versed in the format and confident in the process of developing, digitalizing and safe keeping your film is important. In addition I would recommend asking to see video examples of their work so that you can see how the final results look. Each filmmaker/videographer may have a different styling or approach to filming so finding a style that you love is necessary.

If you are looking to have your day captured on Super 8 or have questions about this format, you are welcome to reach out – I’m always happy to chat about Super 8 as it’s one of my favorite video formats!

View some of my Super 8 videos here and package options.

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