There is something about film that feels like an ode to celebration. It is a timeless format that has been around for decades. Think of those scrapbook photos we enjoy looking back on from the past. 

Why have moments captured on film?

a unique touch

Film photos are truly, unplanned, in the moment captures that bring back the emotional moments that you feel that day. The style is muted and grainy giving a different approach to your gallery. 




Film and Super 8 are a low-key format that feels less like "paparazzi" and more casual. This allows you to enjoy your day in a laid-back way. 

Super 8 film is a video that allows you to re-live your day and share all those intimate memories with friends and family for years to come. It adds perspective to your day in a vintage format that you can feel all the fun and emotions in. 

Highlight Films are 3-5 minutes, edited with music. 

Super 8 Wedding or Elopement Film

Starting at $1000

Sometimes the not so planned, candid captures seem to feel the most relatable. 35mm film images feel a little more emotional and filled with depth. The grainy image and muted tones provide such a vintage feel to everyday moments. Let's shoot your session on film. 

Film Portrait Sessions

Starting at $400

Film Packages

Filmed on Classic Super 8

If you have photo coverage already booked with me and want a touch of this vintage format to reminisce on - let's chat about incorporating film and Super 8 as a part of your day. 

Add Film Coverage to Your Photo Package

If you're like me and are drawn to variety of styles in your images, you can have your day shot on all  film or a combination of digital as well!  If the 35mm format is your vibe - let's chat. 

Add Super 8 Coverage to Your Wedding Photo Package

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