When you've planned this epic location as part of your story, capturing the essence of it is important. 

About the Photographer

        Providing a JUDGEMENT FREE zone to bring your personality into your images, for you to ask all the questions, throw ideas back and forth, and to get real with me. Since this may be one of the only times you work with a photog - I'm here to make that experience a lil less intimidating. 



Professionality and compassion is at the forefront of how I treat others. From booking through delivery - I'm so thankful you *chose* to work with me. 

02 — Every human, moment, and day is uniquely its own. I aim to capture that in a creative manner. I’d like you to focus on living in the moment and enjoying the time.

As a client, I want you to feel absolutely comfortable working with me. Think of me as the resource that's there when you need it. I want us to get to know each other so that I can make the experience as easy as possible for you.


It truly is a customized experience. 

What I Aim To Do

Woman Owned. Asian Owned. For all love and all people.

If your personality falls somewhere between adventure obsessed and homebody we probably would get along. I have a appreciation for the little things, the moments of enjoyment that we get to create, and the uniqueness that each of us bring to the world and I'd like to capture that. 

Kelly Miller

I am an adventurous photographer documenting authentic moments with a sense of personality and emotion. 

The Person behind the lens


I'm a destination photographer so I spend half of my year traveling to capture moments, while the other half is spent in my home state of Colorado. On my days off you can find me picking up just about any outdoor hobby. From mountain biking, snowboarding, to camping, climbing, and fishing - you can say I'm a pretty average Coloradoan. Soaking up the sun, and eating tacos would be the highlight of my summer. 

My personality is a little introverted with some bursts of energy. I consider myself a life-long learner and have three degrees (Marketing, Communications, and Organizational Leadership). While I'm on the road I'm listening to podcasts, singing along to just about every type of music from Indie to Rap Caviar on Spotify and stopping for a good iced coffee. Although I say I never drink soda, you might find me with a coke and whiskey or cider while I sit and edit. 

Growing up in such a major digital age - taking photos as a way of capturing memories, has always been a part of my life. I had a camera from a young age and went to a school focused on arts. I always loved looking back through the prints my parents had kept from their teenage years in Thailand when they had first met. There is so much power in keeping those memories for yourselves and for others. 

Between me and my sister I've got the art brain and she's the science brain. We traveled a lot growing up and spent ton of time in the outdoors. One of my favorite parts about being a destination photog is the adventures I get to craft with couples I work with that share some of my passions. 

A little more about me. 

It all started with a rocky mountain elopement.

I believe that photography captures joy, happiness, love, and some of the most special moments. It allows me to look at things from different perspectives and I enjoy getting to make others feel stress free behind the camera. Everybody deserves to have these important moments captured for themselves. Every day brings a new adventure which can be SOOO fun. There's been so many moments so far where I get to connect with clients, empower them, capture them, and celebrate with them. There have also been moments that make me so thankful to have been there to capture an important person or time in their lives. 

Why I do what I do.

This all started when I did elopement pictures for my sister in the Rocky Mountains. After years away from the camera, I finally felt like I had found a little bit of myself again. After that, photographing weddings and elopements became a weekend ritual for me. It's more than just sharing amazing experiences with couples all over the world. 

My Roots 

I'll go where you go. 

April 5th-7th, 2024: San Antonio, Texas

May 2nd-4th, 2024: Austin, Texas

May 23rd-26th, 2024: Crested Butte, Colorado

June 4th-June 15th, 2024: Ireland

June 15th-27th, 2024: Italy

June 3th- July 1st: Crested Butte, Colorado

July 5th-8th, 2024: Chicago, Illinois

August 23rd-25th: Dana Point, California

October 18th-20th, 2024: Aspen Valley Colorado

October 24-27th, 2024: Moab, Utah

November 2nd-4th, 2024: Columbus, Ohio

December 26-29th,2024: Vail, Colorado

May 18th-22nd: Joshua Tree, California

Northern Colorado is my home base year-round. I shoot globally, I'd love to join you on your next adventure! 

Travel Schedule

To capture you while you toast to an epic new adventure. 


01 What does the average investment look like?

01 What does the average investment look like?

The average investment for a portrait session (engagement, couples, etc.) is around $550. The average investment for a wedding or elopement is around $4200. Both averages are estimated based on potential travel fees, and additional items such as albums and prints. Check out the pricing and package page for more info. I understand photography can be a large investment and I really appreciate the consideration that goes into working with me. I do offer payment plans for some events and sessions. 


02 How many photos do we get?

02 How many photos do we get?

02 How many photos do we get?

I'm not going to lie - it's so hard for me to choose a select number of images to deliver, so I don't. Every session/event is unique when it comes to outfits, location, and overall timeline so the amount I shoot and the amount I deliver may vary.  In the "packages" section you can view the base number of images that come with each session. For most portrait sessions it's typically over 30 images. For weddings and elopements, I quote 50-75 photos per hour. Ultimately, the final edited images I deliver include a variety of angles, moments, poses, and people so that you have can have pictures that represent the day. 

03 What would you describe your style as? Do you pose us?

03 What would you describe your style as? Do you pose us?

03 What would you describe your style as? Do you pose us?

My editing style is true to color with a touch of warmth and nostalgia. Maintaining skin tones and colors of decor or clothing is really important to me! I move with the flow of the day and get a read for how you're feeling. I love the candid moments but am there to help with prompting and posing to help you feel more relaxed as well! 

04 How far in advance do we book you?

04 How far in advance do we book you?

04 How far in advance do we book you?

This totally comes down to session/event type! I always recommend inquiring as soon as possible to ensure I'm available for your date! On average I'd say booking portrait sessions 1-3 months in advance, or for weddings/elopements bookings about 6-12 months in advance is recommended. My availability in August-October tends to book out the furthest in advance. I typically keep select weekend dates open for sessions and usually have a wider availability for weekdays!


05 What gear do you shoot with?

05 What gear do you shoot with?

05 What gear do you shoot with?

YAYY glad you are a gear nerd like me. I shoot on Sony A7iii and A7iv mirrorless bodies and have a huge stash of lenses. I shoot mostly on primes - 35mm being my favorite but do have zooms up to 150mm as well. I also shoot Godox flashes for low light conditions. For film I shoot on a Fujifilm 645, Konica Big Mini, and Pentax K1000. For Super 8 videos you can find me on a classic Canon 310 or 514 with Kodak film. 

06 Are you licensed and insured?

06 Are you licensed and insured?

06 Are you licensed and insured?

Sure am! I am a business registered to operate in the United States and formed in the state of Colorado. I do obtain permits and work visas when needed for work in the states or internationally. I do carry insurance in the case that your wedding venue may need a copy of my info! I highly recommend working with vendors that are registered tax paying businesses. 

07 Why should we book with a traveling photographer?

07 Why should we book with a traveling photographer?

07 Why should we book with a traveling photographer?

I spend a ton of time traveling and researching so that my clients can have the BEST experience possible. In addition to the experience of being well versed with traveling, I understand the unique challenges that come with adventuring into new places, and can help provide insight and advice that will help destination events run smoothly.  With that said, I also have prioritized my workflow to take into considerations some of the things that can occur with traveling (for you and me!) and am here to help with the logistical aspects that may occur. My experience in traveling for events and weddings helps ensure that you can have a well planned - laid back day with me.

I'm so excited to work with you. 

See some photos I've taken. 

"Kelly is an AMAZING photographer!!! She was our wedding photographer for our 2- day wedding and the pictures she delivered were a dream!!!! From my first meeting with her, she made me feel so comfortable and really spent the time to get to know us. Kelly made it her top priority to understand what we wanted from our wedding. Through the planning process, she helped us find a ceremony site of our dreams. I was very picky and she sent multiple recommendations until she felt I was happy. Leading up to our big weekend, she always kept constant contact, remained very organized, and delivered on time."

"Kelly is by far one of the most incredible people I’ve ever met! Photograhy wise - even better. My spouse and I had help from her with every detail and even though the day was rainy and chaotic by my own means; she stuck through it with us and delivered the most incredible pictures I’ve ever seen. It was so much more than anything I could picture or put into words. She captured everything I wanted and everything in between..."

"Kelly took amazing photos of our Colorado destination wedding! We were clueless regarding what to do with our bodies and where to pose, but Kelly guided us throughout the night and we are in love with the results. The photos are fun, energetic and chic, just like we requested! We highly recommend working with Kelly if you're able to book her!"

"Kelly photographed our daughter’s camping wedding in the Colorado mountains in June and the photos are fantastic! The posed photos are great, of course, but the candid photos are also sooo good! She was able to capture all the intimate moments, laughter, food and fun we had. I really appreciated how quickly she was able to take all of the family photos so that everyone could quickly get back to celebrating. It was important to us to support young women entrepreneurs during the wedding process and we are so happy we found Kelly! I highly recommend her!"

Your experience is my priority. Here is what past clients have to say...

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